About Us

Outpost is a post-production house based in Montreal that specializes in high end digital image editing, finishing and delivery. Founded in 2017, Outpost aims to make your production work as easy and streamlined as possible.


Simon Allard

Head of Post-Production - Co-Founder - Workflow Specialist

Simon's deep technical knowledge allows him to encompass post-production as a whole. He works closely with your team to ensure that each deliverable is of the upmost quality and meet every technical requirements.


Bertrand Paquette

General Manager - Co-Founder

Bertrand is the "Manager", whose role is to make sure all aspects are covered and each client is satisfied. His role is to guide you through tough decisions and keep an eye on the bigger picture.


Martin Gaumond

Chief Colorist - Co-Founder - Dark Room Aficionado

Martin is a colourist with a passion for complex visuals and a knack for post-production in all of its forms. From music videos to feature films, he finds new and original ways to approach the look of your project.



Evren Boisjoli

Post-Production Producer - Co-Founder - Executive Busy Person

Evren is every producer's best friend. His experience, from his many years as a producer, allows him to understand how to bring together the business and creative needs of any project. At Outpost, he brings strategy and creative fixes to clients and projects alike.